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March, 2016

Together with the director Ivana Djilas we made a beautiful play inspired by the tales of Arabian NIghts filled with touching, sensual and humorous stories completed with great music written by Boštjan Gombač. Almost a musical is how I call it, a play that is very important right now because of the political situation in Syiria and the humanitarian situation in Slovenia, concerning the refugees. We need to learn afrom other cultures to be able to help and create a better world for all of us. Learn and create all the time.


October, 2015

Peer Gynnt one of the most intriguing plays ever written came alive in The City Theater of Ljubljana. Directed by Eduard Miller. I'm grateful to be working in such a great  instituion with actors that inspire me and from which I can learn with every rehersal and every reprise. 


February, 2015

Another great project has come to it's opening night. "Breathless: Now" is a play written after the great movie "Breathless",  directed by Jean- Luc Godard. In the play there are lots of quotes from Godards other films done in the sixties as well. So it's a great treat for all of his fans and also a great insight into his work for those who don't know him. After "Cafe Dada", this is my second time working with the director Jaša Koceli. With me on stage are Ajda Smrekar, Anja Dernovšek, Gregor Gruden and Boris Kerč. It's my first lead role as I play Michel Poiccard in another production of The City Theater of Ljubljana.


September, 2014

A new show was released in The City Theater of Ljubljana. "Schweik" aka "The good soldier Schweik", directed by Jaka Ivanc. The show is a wonderful comedy based on the novel of Jaroslav Hašek amongst other small parts I play the role of Leutenant Dub.


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