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April, 2014

A wonderful comedy called "Deceptions" came alive in The City Theater of Ljubljana. By the director Jaka Ivanc with whom I would love to work again. I'm sharring the stage with top knotch actors who enspire me to be better. Check out the VIDEO.

February, 2014

I'm working on a monocomedy called "The Convict Nr. 3.2.3." (Zapornik št. 3.2.3.). The monoplay is written and directed by a dear friend of mine Matej Mijatović. Working also with Nina Šorak we have put on the display an almost thirty years old "average Joe" who built another reality for himself. Because the one he lives in doesn't suit him at all. His sincere way of handing you the story of his life, will make you laugh, sigh and think about what your "reality" is.  



September, 2013

I'm currently working on a play by Carl Sternheim, »From the Heroic Life of the Bourgeois« directed by Aleksandar Popovski. The trilogy includes the plays »The Underpants« In which I play the role of Stranger, »The Snob« and »1913« Where I play the role of Friederich. It openes on the 25th of September at The City Theatre of Ljubljana.

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